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Monitor Your Competitors' Site & App Changes, User Feedback & More.

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Effortlessly aware

CompetitorRadar is your daily intelligence briefing. Don't miss a thing. Our army of robots scours the web for everything you need to know about your competitors' sites & apps.

Stay ahead

Competitors move fast. Make sure you stay ahead. CompetitorRadar takes care of tracking others so you can focus on beating them. See the bigger picture & make better strategic decisions.

Works like magic

High signal, no noise insights. Machine Learning-driven technology that's as powerful as it simple & easy to use. CompetitorRadar gives you superpowers.

For Product People And Those Who Love Them

Everything you need to know

Every product manager knows they should be keeping track of the competition. But let’s be honest. It’s time consuming, impossible to keep track of what’s changed, and it often falls off the to-do list. CompetitorRadar does all the work of keeping track of competitors’ site and app changes for you and then aggregates what their users are saying. With things moving so quickly, you can’t afford not to be aware. CompetitorRadar makes it effortless. It’s like competitor ESP.

Keep your edge. Know how you fit in order to stand out.

Marketers and product markters rejoice. Stay up-to-date. No need to remember to check other sites and apps. We do it for you. Monitor how the competiton is marketing their products, new positioning, price changes and more.

Executive, intern and everyone in between. Know what's up.

Everyone needs to know what the competition is up to. Whether you're an executive who needs to keep up-to-date or a consultant who needs to know it all, CompetitorRadar is like radar for your market. You can't outsmart the competition if you don't know what they're doing.

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New Feature Launches

Be the first to know about their new features.

Site & App Updates

Monitor updates, redesigns, price changes & more.

User Feedback & Reviews

Track what their users are saying on social, reviews & more.

Marketing Moves

Detect changes in positioning & on-site marketing.

Sharing & Alerts

Collaborate with colleagues & get digests & alerts right in your inbox.

Traffic & News

View web & app traffic & catch all the latest news. Coming soon.

CompetitorRadar is for product builders

For Product People, By Product People

CompetitorRadar is for product builders. Whether you are building consumer apps, e-commerce, media, Saas or enterprise digital products, you need CompetitorRadar to stay ahead. Know more than ever before, in less time than ever possible.

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